“I’ve not been a member or leader at these house parties, but as a parent and Vicar, have seen over the years the immeasurable benefit of a programme of Christian teaching, fun, activity and friendship, helping young people both start and then grow in their own personal Christian faith. I warmly support the work of the houseparties at Haslemere under the auspices of the Limpsfield Trust.”

Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn

‘I am delighted the Limpsfield Trust continues it’s wonderful and fruitful ministry with houseparties. The reason is, I was taken to Limpsfield a few months after I came to faith as a student in 1975 and it solidified my faith in Jesus and gave me the tools to be a disciple of Jesus. I continued going on the Easter, Summer and Christmas houseparties for several years.

I would wholeheartedly commend both parents and Churches to send your teenagers to these houseparties to help them progress in their journey of faith and have a lot of fun.


Revd Canon J.John – Philo Trust

The Promotion Of The Christian Faith Amongst Young People